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A frontend developer with passion for creating interactive and easy to use applications on the web download CV

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A front-end Web Developer. I spend my whole day thinking code, practically everyday expanding my skillset, I love getting my hands on projects that looks complex to me and its fun been able to complete it at the end. I have experience with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, GIT and Github. I've built different projects and UI landing pages with them. I'm interested in all things tech and currently expanding my knowledge and skillset. I'm currently open up to work and Interships.

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adobe photoShop


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A web3 site that lets users buy and hold nfts. i made this with html css and javascript still needs an upgrade .

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Weather App

A weather app that would display the days temperature, and has a dark mode butto or switch i made this with html css and javascript it was a real learning expiriece to make this.

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Transparent Login Page

I think this is an amazing login page, in order for me to use this i had to be creative so i used my first year photography picture i took of an art student and i created this with css html and bootsrap.

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Music App

Being a music guy i totally had fun making this it was ctually a dream personal project come through.i added my favourate artist songs and for this i used html css and javascript .

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Signup Page

I wanted to use design with this one the combination of colors and i had to edit pictures using photoshop and to do this project i used html css and javascript .

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resturant Website

This one was my hardest project up to date took me longer than expected also used html css and javascript but its this project that made me learn about flexbox and positioning definetely worth my time as it turned out amazing.

live demo code
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Reach me on one of my socials or contact details am always available 24/7 for inqueries

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